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Black History Month: Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Every Day

At Diversity Alliance, we use campaigns to highlight a different topic around DEI every month, with the aim to educate and inform. That said, we firmly believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion should not be limited to specific months but rather should be woven into the fabric of our daily lives. Viewing Black History Month as a standalone event is not an inclusive approach; in fact, it's problematic. We advocate for and encourage a commitment to understanding and inclusion EACH AND EVERY DAY.

Creating lasting change demands a dedication to equity at every level of an organisation. This is precisely why we consistently share strategies throughout the year on how to cultivate inclusive workplaces. Through engaging workshops and discussions, we've assisted clients and participants in identifying unconscious biases and their potential negative impact on workplace culture, particularly for Black employees. It's also important that we showcase Black excellence by highlighting the accomplishments of Black leaders across industries. This is something we have really enjoyed doing over the past couple of years.

Have You Heard? We have a series of inspirational talks with Black leaders on our podcast, Diversity Alliance Talks, and over on our YouTube channel. Why not add these to your workplace intranet on your learning and development platform.

We know achieving equity requires ongoing effort. Our year-round services help organisations move beyond surface-level inclusion to foster deeply diverse, empathetic work cultures. Let us know how we can support your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion journey in a meaningful way.

Saluting Our Sisters: Celebrating Black Women's Achievements

Early on in the month, we were saluting our sisters, celebrating the extraordinary achievements of Black women. Often overlooked but absolutely deserving of recognition. Despite enduring systemic oppression, Black women have stood at the forefront of social justice movements, leading the charge for transformative change that still impacts us today. Their contributions are the very foundation upon which our history and culture stand, shaping our world in ways we often don't even realise or acknowledge.

During Diversity Alliance's journey, we've had the privilege of engaging in enriching conversations with some truly remarkable women. These inspiring individuals include Tash Thomas, Mara Livermore, Tinique Hay, Natalie Duvall, Jenny Okolo, Shareefa J, and Dr. Elsa Zekeng. If you've been following our social media, you may have already caught some glimpses of these discussions, and we'll keep sharing highlights to ensure you're part of the ongoing dialogue. The courage, talent, and leadership demonstrated by these women continuously contribute to creating a more just, vibrant, and complete world. We salute you, ladies!

Have you heard of code-switching?

Code-switching, a powerful communication tool which involves tailoring individual language and style to match the social or professional context individuals find themselves in.

Think of it as donning various hats or "masks" to seamlessly blend in.

For Black professionals, this practice is not just common but also incredibly relevant.

There is nothing more exhausting than having to assimilate yourself at work – those moments when you have to carefully choose your words, regulate your expressions, consider your attire, and manage your emotions...

We also recorded special episode with Jenny Okolo, an Occupational Therapist, Tedx Speaker, and award-winning mental health advocate who shares her experiences with workplace assimilation. We explored how we can promote understanding and empathy among professionals, particularly when discussing feelings of exclusion and discomfort, and underscores the importance of diversity in these conversations.

Listen now on your preferred podcast platform or watch it here on YouTube

Catch up on Diversity Alliance's Black History Month Podcast Series

I am delighted to announce the success of our exclusive online confab, which we had the pleasure of hosting alongside the incredible Tinique Hay, Founder of Hay Events, in celebration of Black History Month!

The confab centered on vital topics, including building diverse supply chains and supporting Black businesses and talent. During this event, participants had the opportunity to:

  • Share their personal experiences and stories about building diverse supply chains and advocating for Black businesses.

  • Discover valuable tools and best practices for enhancing diversity and inclusion within supply chains.

  • Gain inspiration and empowerment to take tangible actions that drive meaningful change.

  • Collaborate and explore innovative solutions that extend far beyond the confines of Black History Month.

Our aim was to leave all attendees feeling inspired and well-equipped to make a real difference in the realm of diversity and inclusion. The response was overwhelming, with a community of like-minded individuals passionate about these causes.

For those who joined us, we thank you for your commitment to positive change. For those who couldn't participate, stay tuned for more exciting events in the pipeline. To be among the first to know about our upcoming events and initiatives, register your interest by sending us an email. Also stay tuned for our BHM confab report featuring collective outputs and key takeaways. This report is a valuable resource for attendees, enabling you to continue your learning journey.

Pop us an email if you would like to get ahead for 2024 and find out how you can work with us for Black History Month.

Work with us! Reach out to receive our DE&I training and workshop brochure or book a call to discuss DE&I consultancy. Email:

With Love & Light, Gabby 🌈

Founder & Director

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