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We recognise that no two businesses are the same, and that every organisation is at a different point on their DEI journey.  This is why we offer non judgemental, industry specific, bespoke services that support and empower leaders and teams to cultivate diverse, inclusive, equitable and accessible workplaces and events.

Let us support you on your DEI journey. It won't always be easy, but the rewards will be huge ✨

Workshops & Training

Our expert facilitators are equipped with extensive expertise in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. With a wealth of experience spanning various sectors and themes, our team excels in navigating the complexities of understanding bias, fostering inclusive cultures, combating racism, promoting accessibility, raising neurodiversity awareness, and cultivating inclusive leadership. Our impressive track record includes collaborations with organisations such as the United Nations, Metropolitan Police, and Disney. Contact us now to embark on your DEI journey!


Gain valuable insights into your organisation's DEI landscape with our comprehensive DEI Audits. Our expert team employs a data-driven approach, combined with qualitative feedback, to uncover the barriers hindering your DEI efforts.  We work with your organisation to develop DEI processes, strategies, and initiatives that are both relevant and impactful. Our areas of expertise encompass Diverse Recruitment & Hiring practices, Purpose-driven Procurement, Practical Accessibility solutions, and the creation of Diverse, Inclusive & Accessible Events.  Contact us today to schedule your DEI Audit and drive meaningful change within your organisation.

Away Days & DEI Intensives

We understand that businesses are dedicated to the important work of DEI, but time constraints can be a challenge. That's where our highly focused DEI Away Days come into play. Tailored to your specific needs, these bespoke sessions encompass educational workshops, engaging discussions, and dedicated time to develop your customized DEI action plan. Our intensives can be hosted at one of our trusted partner venues or a location of your preference. Maximize your impact in a condensed timeframe. 

Strategic DEI Companion

Founder and director, Gabby, can sit alongside your team as your DEI 'sidekick', supporting with Pre-Event thought leadership (how to sell and advise your clients on the best DEI strategies for their event).  Appropriate venue selection, advising on how to devise and curate inclusive and accessible content.  Designing accessible and inclusive event promotion, registration + more.

We also work closely with our partner organisation, the Diverse Speaker Bureau, to provide speakers who are diverse industry experts that will inspire and educate your organisation through thought-provoking keynote speeches and panel discussions delivered by people with lived experience 

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NEW - Safeguarding at Events Workshop

Our comprehensive workshop equips team's with the necessary tools and strategies to foster a culture of inclusivity and safety at events. 

The session covers the significance of codes of conduct in promoting inclusive behaviours and creating a respectful event environment,  how to respond to and manage safeguarding incidents at events, and reporting guidelines and processes.  We delve into crucial topics such as recognising and addressing inappropriate behavior, including discrimination, sexual harassment, verbal and non-verbal harassment, and assault, to build awareness and support your team in feeling empowered to take decisive action.

Become Diversity Alliance Accredited 

Become fully Alliance Accredited through completion of a full company audit, education / training sessions and by committing to series of commitments aimed at removing inequality and barriers to progression.

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