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The Objective

In order to realise their goals and ensure successful implementation, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace enlisted the expertise of Diversity Alliance to guide and support their policies and actions related to supplier diversity and procurement with a purpose. Supplier diversity was recognised as an important opportunity to showcase the company's commitment to equity and inclusion, making Diversity Alliance the perfect partner for the task at hand. Our consultant brought extensive knowledge and experience in the event’s and hospitality industry, enabling them to fully understand the unique challenges faced when creating, organising and executing a supplier diversity policy, a supplier commitment statement, a supplier diversity initiative and an internal action plan that would deliver on their DE&I commitments.  

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To bring 10-11 Carlton House Terrace's supplier diversity aspirations to fruition, we conducted a thorough analysis and review of their supplier tender process, operational guidelines, and supplier KPIs. This audit process enabled us to provide valuable recommendations and suggest a supplier recruitment strategy.


To support and reinforce their supplier diversity strategy, we organised two collaborative, facilitator-led sessions. The objectives of these sessions were to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the significance of supplier diversity and procurement with a purpose, for all clients, suppliers, and stakeholders.  We worked closely with the team to identify the challenges and opportunities related to DE&I for 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, their clients, suppliers, and stakeholders. The team collaborated to determine their DE&I priorities for the next 12 months, refined them, and developed specific commitments to support the creation of an action plan aligned with their values and commitments. These commitments and actions are regularly monitored, evaluated, and updated to ensure their successful implementation.


Additionally, we worked with the team to co-create a supplier commitment statement and explored ways to encourage partners and suppliers to consider their own DE&I commitments as a catalyst for change. The combined efforts of the workshop and the supplier audit helped the team articulate a meaningful Diversity and Inclusion Statement, further demonstrating their commitment to supplier diversity and procurement with a purpose.

Bringing It To Life

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  • The creation of a supplier diversity initiative to develop freelancers and SME's from diverse backgrounds and encourage those from diverse backgrounds to respond to tender. Resulting in tangible development opportunities with the goal to increase representation in the industry.

  • By supporting the client to develop an authentic and powerful DE&I statement, we helped them communicate their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, resulting in improved brand reputation, positive media coverage, and the ability to attract diverse clients and suppliers

  • This has led to a company culture that values diversity and can provide exceptional service to clients from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds in line with their business strategies


The successful outcomes of our work have improved the client's brand reputation and client relations, as demonstrated by their recent tender focusing on attracting diverse, inclusive, and sustainable suppliers.

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