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The Objective

Representation was a key element of the pageant policy and it was important that the pageant was truly representative of the people that make up society.  It was also important that there was equal opportunity for communities and individuals around the UK to participate in the lead up, as well as the celebrations on the day.  Either by performing in the pageant, being involved in the delivery or through participation via various social outreach projects, community activities and initiatives led independently and with key pageant partners.  In addition to demonstrating diversity through representation, it was also important that the pageant culture was welcoming, safe and supportive and that an inclusive culture was cultivated and upheld for and by all staff, volunteers, suppliers, partners and attendees.   The goal was to create a positive impact on all communities involved, ultimately leaving a legacy of equality, diversity and inclusion for all.

To bring these aspirations to life and ensure they were deliverable, Diversity Alliance was brought onboard to support and help steer the policies and the actions surrounding the policy.  Of course, supply chain was also an opportunity to demonstrate diversity and equity which factored into the decision to work with Diversity Alliance.  Our consultant had event industry knowledge and experience, and therefore understood the challenges faced when planning and delivering large-scale, mass participation events.  

The work focussed on 4 key areas: 

🧠 Reviewing the EDI policy - analysing and advising on the EDI portion of the overall pageant policy

🧠 Monitoring and measuring the diversity of those working on the pageant by - reviewing and providing recommendations on the EDI survey, which was to be completed by those taking part in the pageant

🧠 Developing a code of conduct - around expected behaviours for all those involved in the planning and delivery of the pageant as well as those attending to ensure an inclusive environment

🧠 Measuring social impact - by conducting and analysing qualitative feedback 

🧠 Creating a baseline and blueprint around EDI for future mass participation events

Bringing It To Life


Outcomes & Key Learnings

The goals and aspirations were kept realistic, since this was a fairly new journey when it came to monitoring diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion for a large scale event. Diversity Alliance and the client recognised there would be much to learn from the experience that could be utilised for future events. 

Key learnings

🎯 Engage with EDI specialists to help guide and deliver the strategy 

🎯 Decide how you will monitor your aims, objectives and outcomes at the beginning of the project 

🎯 Ensure you have an EDI policy that is meaningful and aspirational, but achievable. 

🎯 Reflect on why you need a particular set of measurements or data, and consider what you will do with the results

🎯 If the benchmark you need doesn't exist yet, still monitor your results as accurately as possible so that you can create your own benchmark to build on year on year  

🎯 Develop meaningful and strategic partnerships that can help you deliver your goals

🎯 Share expected behaviours and conduct with all involved in the project

🎯 Share the results with the industry 

EDI should run through the core of everything we are executing in the same way sustainability should be considered at every step of the planning and delivery process.  Avoid making EDI an “add on”activity. 


🔑 14’000 participants took part in the Pageant


🔑 200 volunteers


🔑 1000’s of crew & performers from all over the UK & commonwealth

Key Stats

Claire O'Neill, A Greener Festival

Gabby supported The Platinum Jubilee Pageant to develop, monitor and deliver our EDI Policy, Strategy and Targets. Gabby's insight and experience was hugely helpful and gave us confidence that our ambitions for a diverse and inclusive pageant could be reached and communicated. The expertise, insight and professionalism that Gabby brought to the team, as well as going the extra mile with additional feedback and reporting as part of our legacy activities was invaluable. Whilst the Pageant was a one off event, Gabby will certainly be called upon by the team for future projects.
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