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Claire O'Neill, A Greener Festival, Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant

Gabby supported The Platinum Jubilee Pageant to develop, monitor and deliver our EDI Policy, Strategy and Targets. Gabby's insight and experience was hugely helpful and gave us confidence that our ambitions for a diverse and inclusive pageant could be reached and communicated.


The expertise, insight and professionalism that Gabby brought to the team, as well as going the extra mile with additional feedback and reporting as part of our legacy activities was invaluable. Whilst the Pageant was a one off event, Gabby will certainly be called upon by the team for future projects

 Charli Briggs, Founder and Director Eventure

Whilst our intentions are to be diverse, equitable and inclusive, we acknowledge that this is an area that we can always learn more in. We know that without expert guidance, that we could, in fact, be unintentionally doing things which are not leading us to achieve the culture and environment that we wish to.


As a team we will now be reflecting on the workshop and making a plan for continuous improvement in our policies, procedures and strategies.


If you haven’t heard of Diversity Alliance (firstly, why not?) then please go and check them out. Gabby is a multi award winning, kind and simply phenomenal individual and she is truly an expert in the DEI space

Sarah Byrne, Director Mosaic Events

We have recently received fantastic support from Diversity Alliance. They delivered a workshop for the Mosaic Team on ED&I. This has given us all the confidence and understanding of how we should be dealing these important issues at our events.  The session was engaging, interactive and allowed all team members to leave feeling positive about the approaches they should be taking going forward.  In addition, Gabby offered us consultancy services alongside an event which experienced some Code of Conduct issues.  This was extremely helpful particularly when faced with incidents we had never dealt with previously, she gave us the insight and support to ensure these were dealt with correctly and fairly to all involved.  We would have no hesitation in recommending Gabby and her team of experts to other event organisers.

Zoe Lucy, Director and Founder, weIMPLEMENT

Our team took part in an inspiring session where we learnt more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. 

Our team at weIMPLEMENT are always aiming to attract, employ and retain a diverse team so this collaboration is really important to us.


Every day at weIMPLEMENT is a learning day, and we know although we are doing well we can always do better.


Thank you so much Gabby for speaking to us and for all the work you do to make the events industry more inclusive.

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