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Delivering Our Mission

There are common challenges that our clients, and the industry as a whole, face time and time again.

These include:


  • Diverse Recruitment & Hiring

  • Creating Equity by Diversifying Supply Chains

  • Developing Diverse, Inclusive & Accessible Content for Events

  • Education & Training of Teams and Leadership

  • Collecting Data, Setting DEI Goals & Accountability

  • Example Case Studies and Best Practice

Diversity Alliance is about empowering (not dictating to) the events community to encourage diversity and to work towards a culture of inclusivity, equality and accessibility through education, peer to peer learning, knowledge sharing, resources, initiatives and events.

Our mission is delivered through four
key pillars:

Educational tools and resources

Diversity & Inclusion consultancy

Workshops and Education

Industry Accreditation

Peer to Peer Learning


Data and Benchmarking


Industry Research

Annual Report

Case Studies

Community & Social Impact

Connecting Communities

Developing Initiatives

Industry Engagement Activities


Mission led events

Recognition and Celebration

Alliance Membership


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